HEart of the Earth Sanctuary and Rescue

A Private Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, MD Green                        Certified Non Profit Organization

Please bear with us as we experience growing pains.


   Started the year with 3 dogs and 19 cats

   Took in 4 dogs and 26 cats

   6 cats were adopted out
   8 cats were transferred out

   4 cats died from illness

   2 cats were euthanized due to suffering

   Ended year with 32 still in our care

   7 dogs and 25 cats
                           2017 to date

Started the year with 7 dogs and 25 cats

Took in 9 dogs and 119 cats

30 cats were adopted out

24 cats was  transferred out

1 Feral Cat was returned to field

18 cats have died from illness or at birth

3 were euthanized due to suffering

62 animals are still in our care

The ABCs


70% Live rate   C/A

30% Death rate   B/A

A: All animals with final dispositions/outcomes including live, those who died, are missing/stolen and were killed.


76% Live rate  C/A

24% Death rate  B/A

B: All deaths: Animals who were killed, animals who died in our care and animals unaccounted for

C: All live outcomes: Those adopted, reclaimed by their families, and transferred. It does not include animals still in our custody